Our sausages are all made on site with the leanest meats of various sizes. Please ask us which options are best for Celiacs.

We have the following options:

Sausage Varieties

Pork Sausage and Chipolatas: A traditional pork sausage made with the same recipe  for over 100 years. A firm family favourite.

Honey Roast Chipolatas: A pork chipolata made with crystallised honey, making it a much mellower sausage. Ideal for children.

Spicy but Nicey: One of our more popular sausage, made with our spicy but nicey seasoning, adding a bit of a kick.

Pork & Garlic: A pork sausage with dried garlic, defiantly one to share.

Cumberland: A prime pork sausage with mixed herbs excellent for sausage and mash.

Pork and Apple: A popular sausage made with dried apple and apple sauce.

Pork and Chive: A large sausage made with chives giving it a real herby flavour

Pork, Mushroom and Leek: A sausage made with dried mushrooms and leeks makes this an ideal sausage for barbeques.

Tomato & Basil: This sausage is ideal for your summer party’s with its tangy tomato flavour.

Gluten-Free Range

Plain Pork: Made with prime pork and no rusk this is a sausage that is ideal for coeliacs.

Chicken Sausage: Made only with chicken, this sausage has a small amount of our spicy but nicey seasoning in to give it a boost.

Mediterranean: Made with mixed herbs this sausage is ideal for casseroles.

Toulouse: A more popular gluten free sausage made with pork, garlic and smoked bacon really does give this sausage a unique flavour.

Pork & Leek: Made with prime pork and dried leeks a firm favourite.

Black Pepper: A pork sausage made with cracked black pepper gives this gluten free Sausage some real flavour.


All our pies are made on-site with our own pastry and the freshest ingredients.

We have the following options:

Pie Varieties


Steak & Kidney







We Also Offer

Sausage Rolls

Scotch Eggs




Every one of our delicious bacon varieties is dry-cured for the perfect flavour.

We have the following options:

Bacon Varieties

Smoked Back

Smoked Streaky

Green Streaky

Green Back



Gammon Steaks

Bacon Ribs


All of our burgers are made on-site in Exmouth by our skilled butchers with delicious local beef and pork.

We have the following options:

Burger Varieties


Pork & Apple

Gluten-Free Beef

Cooked Meats

We prepare and cook all of our cooked meats here in-store as well, delicious and ready to eat!

We have the following options:

Cooked Meat Varieties


Roast Beef

Cooked Pork

Ox Tongue

Bath Chaps

Hogs & Groat Pudding


Ingredients & Allergens

Click below for more detailed information on the ingredients and allergens of each product.

We have decided to close until further notice. We will be back. Please stay safe and thank you for your support.