"Porky Downs home-made traditional sausages"

We take great pride in our range of sausages here at Porky Down and as such, have grown a reputation for them within Exeter and Devon, especially for our Gluten Free Sausage range.

Below is a list of our current range of sausage.

Sausage Varieties

Pork Sausage and Chipolata’s: A traditional pork sausage made with the same recipe  for over 100 years. A firm family favourite.

Honey Roast Chipolata’s: A pork chipolata made with crystallised honey, making it a much mellower sausage. Ideal for children.

Spicy but Nicey: One of our more popular sausage, made with our spicy but nicey seasoning, adding a bit of a kick.

Pork & Garlic: A pork sausage with dried garlic, defiantly one to share.

Cumberland: A prime pork sausage with mixed herbs excellent for sausage and mash.

Pork and Apple: A popular sausage made with dried apple and apple sauce.

Pork and Chive: A large sausage made with chives giving it a real herby flavour

Pork, Mushroom and Leek: A sausage made with dried mushrooms and leeks makes this an ideal sausage for barbeques.

Tomato & Basil: This sausage is ideal for your summer party’s with its tangy tomato flavour.

Gluten Free Range

Plain Pork: Made with prime pork and no rusk this is a sausage that is ideal for coeliacs.

Chicken Sausage: Made only with chicken, this sausage has a small amount of our spicy but nicey seasoning in to give it a boost.

Mediterranean: Made with mixed herbs this sausage is ideal for casseroles.

Toulouse: A more popular gluten free sausage made with pork, garlic and smoked bacon really does give this sausage a unique flavour.

Pork & Leek: Made with prime pork and dried leeks a firm favourite.

Black Pepper: A pork sausage made with cracked black pepper gives this gluten free Sausage some real flavour.